Stranger Things Star Caleb McLaughlin Is Going To College!

Stranger Things Star Caleb McLaughlin Is Going To College!
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As if you need another reason to feel older, one of the stars of Stranger Things is headed to college. Caleb McLaughlin has finished high school and is ready to take the next step.

When viewers first met Caleb on the Netflix cult classic, he was only 13-year-old but was playing a younger character. Since then, the actor has found roles in many other projects including the New Edition TV movie that was a smash hit.

McLaughlin acts, sings, and dances which is why it isn't surprising that he had to be home-schooled due to his busy schedule. The now 17-year-old wants to continue his studies online.

He explained to People: 'I was home-schooled before I got into Stranger Things. I remember when I was in the fifth grade — I was like, ‘I want out of this. I want to do home-schooling. I want to learn on my own leisure.’ I just finished high school, I graduated. So I’m done, but I’m going to college this fall. Just take some courses, online courses. Going to do the home-schooling thing again. I’m pretty excited. Just stay educated, man.'


The talented teen made a name by playing Simba in The Lion King on Broadway but shot to fame once Stranger Things became popularized. He also explains the ups and downs of fame and how important of a role his parents play to him.

'Being a celebrity, you know, it has its twists and turns,” he said. “Not everything is good. Some things are great. I think most of the things are great, but of course, the pressure and just being out there all the time — I’m just glad I have my parents to keep me grounded and be by my side when I’m stressed.'

In addition to being in one of the most talked about series in the media, Caleb is revered as a style icon. From rocking the latest sneakers to the new Virgil Abloh collection, McLaughlin dresses like he knows the world is watching him -- which is the truth.


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