'Stranger Things' Sean Astin Speaks Out On Corey Feldman Abuse, Alyssa Milano, And Twitter Trolls

'Stranger Things' Sean Astin Speaks Out On Corey Feldman Abuse, Alyssa Milano, And Twitter Trolls
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Stranger Things actor Sean Astin is speaking out about Corey Feldman's campaign to expose Hollywood's pedophiles and the onslaught of online attacks targeting Alyssa Milano. The child of Patty Duke and John Astin, Sean grew up in Hollywood. Maintaining a close friendship with Feldman, whom he co-starred in the 1985 movie The Goonies , Astin has continually shown his public support as controversy has surrounded Corey's allegations that pedophilia is Hollywood's darkest problem.

Astin used Twitter to write a poignant piece about life as a child actor, his personal views on Corey Feldman, the uncalled for attacks against Alyssa Milano, and those who are using Twitter to create division instead of unity.

Astin also revealed some of what his mother Patty Duke endured as a child actress. In her book Call Me Anna , Patty Duke discussed sexual abuse she endured as a child in Hollywood. Astin made it clear that his mother kept a close watch on him and he wasn't one of the children from Feldman's peer group that was sexually abused.

The article is titled "Young Performers in Entertainment & The Abuse Conversation" you can see it via Twitter below.

Though many are coming forward to show their support for Corey Feldman, that hasn't always been the case. On an interview with The View, where Corey publicly revealed allegations of pedophiles running rampant in Hollywood, Barbara Walters stirred controversy when she said he was damaging an entire industry.

You may see a clip from that interview below.

This isn't the first time that Astin has come forward in support for Feldman.

When Astin's Lord of the Rings co-star Elijah Wood shared his views on Hollywood's pedophilia problem, Astin was prompted to weigh in. Controversy arose when people falsely assumed that Elijah Wood was a victim.

Astin clarified that he supports Feldman and encouraged more people to stand up and support those in Hollywood affected by sexual assault and abuse. He also praised Elijah Wood for speaking out.

The attacks against Alyssa Milano have dominated many social media threads. At issue are statements Milano made saying she was unaware that Corey Haim or Corey Feldman were sexually abused.

Likewise, Sean Astin, who has been a long-time friend of Feldman's also said that he knew something was wrong in Corey's life, back when he was about 14-years-old, but he didn't know exactly what it was.

Astin elaborated to the Daily Telegraph in 2016.

"I didn't know about sexual abuse with him but you could see that he was suffering and it is a helpless feeling not knowing what one can do to help."

As of the time of this writing, it appears the attacks on Alyssa Milano aren't slowing down. It also appears that many of those attacking her are doing so based on her political beliefs, and not necessarily for anything directly related to Corey Feldman or Corey Haim.

Some have stated; however, that they didn't feel she publicly supported Corey Feldman as quickly as she could have.

Sean Astin also addressed those on Twitter who continue to troll others and stir dissension instead of working to solve problems.

"Stranger Things just came out. It's really a special time for me and my family that I am a part of something that is beloved and that my character has been so well received. I do not want to spend the primary focus of my public time at the moment speaking into this issue. The media appetite and the zealous self-appointed twitter cops aren't helping anything when they pick on people and badger them. I'm writing this because my friend was abused. And now, because of the watershed revelations and cascade of predators being forced into the light, Corey's mission has been activated. There must be a fighting ground that doesn't overwhelm people's lives, but allows them to contribute to healing, prevention and progress appropriate to their experience. If you all don't allow that to happen, people just won't talk.

"Victims of sexual assault are speaking. Their bravery and willingness to subject their lives to scrutiny, of the most painful kind, should be supported. I thank them and celebrate their courage. It is time for abusers to be stopped and our culture moved forward in the most noble and protective way forward."

What do you think about Sean Astin's statement and the recent attacks against Alyssa Milano? Do you agree that it's time for people on Twitter to show a bit more restraint when it comes to attacking people and more support?


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  • Monica
    Monica Nov 7, 2017 6:05 AM PST

    If this crap is going on in Hollywood even from back than it does need to stop. Period. These pedophiles think they can ‘control’ things and people it’s bs. They think they are gods? No they are NOT. They are Bully piece of [email protected] so called “people” but true people wouldn’t hurt children and rob them of their childhood. I have worked with doctors who think they are ‘gods’ and the real God has shown them otherwise. Maybe in this case God will finally introduce karma to these pricks! I can only pray for the victims who speak out and those who are still afraid to. In light I hope they are exposed and pay the consequences! The shit is weird and it needs to stop.

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