Stormy Daniels Suspect Sketch Draws Comparisons From Her Husband To Tom Brady

Stormy Daniels Suspect Sketch Draws Comparisons From Her Husband To Tom Brady
Credit: Source: Stormy Daniels/Instagram

Stormy Daniels, the woman who has alleged an affair with President Trump says she was threatened by an unidentified man when she went to a publication to spill the details, has now given enough information that an official suspect sketch release has been issued. According to Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti, there is currently a $100,000 award for information leading to the capture of the suspect.

The suspect sketch is incredibly detailed and it has drawn nationwide attention. Many people have responded with a suspect in mind, ranging from next-door neighbors to the rich and famous. TMZ quickly pointed out that the man depicted in the suspect sketch looks like her husband Glendon Crain. Stormy was born Stephanie Clifford and both she and her husband are in the adult film industry and use stage names. Glendon Crain's professional name is Brendon Miller.

Once TMZ pointed out the resemblance between Stormy's suspect sketch and Crain/Miller, the Internet went wild.  In addition to the suspect sketch looking like her husband, a new Tom Brady meme has circulated.

Tom Brady stirred controversy in 2015 when he was photographed wearing a Make America Great Again "MAGA" Trump campaign hat in 2015.  Now that many have pointed out his resemblance to the police sketch, some are questioning how far he was willing to go to protect Trump?

Daniels alleges the man accosted her in 2011 when she was going to share her story with In Touch. It is believed that certain publications are buying negative news stories, then never running them in order to silence or shut down the story.

Daniels' believes In Touch bought her story in 2011, about an alleged 2006, affair with President Trump then chose not to run the story as a way of silencing her and protecting President Trump's image.

Stormy Daniels' appeared on ABC's The View  along with her attorney Michael Avenatti and released the sketch to the public. The sketch quickly went viral with the Internet weighing in and giving their opinions regarding the perpetrator's true identity.

Stormy Daniels and Crain/Miller have been married since 2010 and have a daughter together. According to Daniels, the man not only threatened her but did so when she was holding her child who was less than one-year-old. She states the man looked at her infant and intimidated her by telling her to "leave Trump alone" and to think of what her daughter would go through if anything happened to her mother

What do you think of Stormy Daniels' suspect sketch? Does it look like anyone you know?


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