Stormy Daniels Claims Michael Avenatti Sued Trump For Defamation Without Permission

Stormy Daniels Claims Michael Avenatti Sued Trump For Defamation Without Permission
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On Wednesday, Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who revealed Donald Trump cheated on pregnant Melania Trump while they were married, has come out with a brand new story regarding her failed defamation case against the president.

It was a shocking turn of events when the judge ruled that not only had she not won the case, but was also ordered to pay Donald's lawyer fees.  According to Daniels, Avenatti filed the defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump without her best interests in mind. In fact, he did it despite her never agreeing to it.

Avenatti said he "was very surprised," by such an allegation. In a statement reported by The Daily Beast, Daniels said that her attorney had chosen to speak on her behalf with her explicit permission and approval.

"He filed a defamation case against Donald Trump against my wishes," and he supposedly never told her how her legal defense fund money was being expended.

Moreover, he began a website for her to raise funds, and she didn't want that either. In an interview with NBC News, Avenatti said that a few of her comments "weren't accurate."

In a statement obtained by NBC News, Stormy said that her attorney had been accounting for all of the money donated to her in the fund, and whenever she asked to see details, he would always ignore the request.

Admittedly, however, Stormy said Michael has been great for her in a variety of different ways. It looks like they'll no longer be working with each other as they once were.

Furthermore, Daniels added that Avenatti has been using her name and likeness as a way of raising money online, but without her permission. He has been attributing words to her that she never said.

According to Michael, much of the money has gone to her "security expenses" and other amenities. This is just another scandal Mr. Avenatti has run into lately following reports of domestic abuse.

As most know, Michael first came to prominence in the public sphere as Stormy Daniel's lawyer in the scandal involving Donald Trump. It was reported that Trump, through his private attorney, Michael Cohen, paid her approximately $130,000in hush money to keep quiet about their affair over ten years ago.


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