Go Inside Stormi Webster's Epic Butterfly Themed Second Birthday Party With Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott

Go Inside Stormi Webster's Epic Butterfly Themed Second Birthday Party With Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Update: It appears this was not an early birthday party for Stormi Webster, who turns 2-years-old on February 1, 2020, but the launch of the Stormi Collection. The makeup line was created for Stormi's second birthday and will launch on Feb. 1. Travis Scott is planning a lavish affair that will outdo last year's Stormi World birthday event.

Just days after Kylie Jenner launched the Stormi Collection — a butterfly-themed makeup collection in honor of her daughter- Kylie Jenner reunited with Travis Scott for Stormi's second birthday party that used the same theme. It seems that there are plenty of celebrations underway for Stormi who actually turns 2-years-old on February 1, 2020. It is said that there may be an additional celebration being planned by Travis Scott!

What Stormi enjoyed was a backyard celebration with butterflies galore. Videos and photos from the backyard celebration have gone viral and include Stormi preparing for the event while spinning and twirling in a pink dress that was adorned with white butterflies. The little princess was thoroughly enjoying her day as her cousins were in attendance.

Stormi stood with her cousin True Thompson, on the patio of the playhouse her grandmother Kris Jenner gifted her for Christmas. 

Even Dream Kardashian was seen at the party. If you aren't aware, Rob Kardashian is seeking sole custody of little Dream and though there is plenty of strife going on between Rob and Blac Chyna, Dream seemed to be oblivious to it all as she played with her cousins and had a wonderful time.

You may see a video including footage of Travis Scott pushing Stormi Webster on a swing in the video player below.


Khloe Kardashian shared photos and videos from the party too. In her video clips, you can see Stormi, True, and Dream Kardashian working on their art projects together. True seems to be a very loving little girl who is always showering her cousins with plenty of affection. You can even see Chicago West wearing fairy wings as she speaks to Stormi who is busying herself with gold glitter.


Stormi looked like a princess and twirled in a pretty pink dress that was adorned with white butterflies while Chicago wore a fur shawl along with pink fairy wings. True Thompson wore a beautiful purple tulle dress.


The party layout was superb and the children had plenty of finger foods to enjoy, including cute hotdogs in butterfly buns with little cups of ketchup. You may see more photos that Kylie Jenner shared below.

What do you think of Stormi Webster's backyard butterfly party?

It's been reported that Travis Scott is planning another party that will outdo last year's Stormi World! Stay tuned!


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