Sting on American Music Awards - 'I'm an Englishman in New York!'

Sting on American Music Awards - 'I'm an Englishman in New York!'
Source: WROR

It looks like Sting is a man of this word. He stands up for what he has to say. An Englishman with a heart of a United States citizen like no other.

The British celebrity introduced himself to Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr , who was known for his greatest hits like  Every Breath You Take and  Message In A Bottle .

"Sting is a great guy than you ever imagined," the Hollywood star claimed. "He is just one of the most skilled and respectable music artists I have ever seen. He's willing to educate us on how to get better in singing, a true world-class like no other."

"If you want to learn from him, you need to be open minded and willing to unlearn everything that you know. There are some people out there who had a lot of pride and doesn't need to learn more, and he's going to change that landscape. It's his destiny and dream to let the people know how much they're going to love singing from their hearts out." He said that Sting inspired him a lot to do more.

"As a musician, it is crucial for me to travel from around the world to share my music with them. No matter if they're approving or rejecting my songs, I'm just happy to share this with them. I welcome all of their criticisms and doubts on what I am about to sing for them. Yes, I'm an Englishman who lives in NYC, but I have the heart of a US citizen. I love the US so much, and it means a lot to me. This is where I gained confidence,' said Sting.

"It's an honor and privilege for me to accept this award, and God knows that I've been doing great. An Englishman from NYC is simply one of the best things I've ever heard in my life."

It was a great evening for everyone in this awarding ceremony, especially for Ariana Grande and Zayn Malik who won their respective awards.


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