Still Got It! Jennifer Garner Shows Off Her Kickboxing Skills In Instagram Video!

Still Got It! Jennifer Garner Shows Off Her Kickboxing Skills In Instagram Video!

Jennifer Garner has skills! The actress took to social media today to post yet another video on her Instagram. As fans certainly know, the 45-year-old woman has only recently joined the social media platform, and it seems like she really likes it.

The footage she shared with her fans featured her doing some kickboxing moves and proving that she still got it after all of those years!

‘Is anyone else feeling rusty? #ISworeIdNeverBoomerang #forgiveme #hashtagstoo,’ the Hollywood actress captioned the video in which she wore all black while kicking a mat her trainer was holding.

We don’t know about her being rusty, but one thing is sure, Garner is no newbie to the sport.

The celeb showed off her impressive skills in both 2003’s film Daredevil and as well as in its 2005 spin-off, Elektra.

In addition, Garner also used her fighting knowledge in the thriller TV show Alias back in the 2000s (2001-2006).

Jennifer only joined the social media app last week but she seems to be learning fast.

She’s, great at hashtags and also used Boomerang.

As for her more personal life, the actress was spotted in the company of her estranged husband Ben Affleck, co-parenting their kids following the Labor Day weekend.

Both Affleck and Garner have been very clear that despite their split, they are planning on putting their three children first.

It looks like they are keeping their promise.

Just last month, they all celebrted Ben’s birthday by having a great dinner party.

What do you think of Jennifer Garner’s kickboxing skills?

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