Stevie Wonder Says Now Is The Time For Change After BLM Protests

Stevie Wonder Says Now Is The Time For Change After BLM Protests
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Stevie Wonder says now is the time for people to make a change in the American political landscape. In a new video today, Hot New Hip Hop reported, Stevie Wonder explained how important it was for the Black Lives Matter movement to lead to positive changes in the USA.

The 70-year-old performer said in his video celebrating Juneteenth that it felt great to be celebrating freedom. He claims black people are still fighting the same fight from many years ago, and much of that struggle feels the same.

The performer added that it took nearly two decades for Martin Luther King Junior Day to become an official holiday, and he played a crucial role in making that happen in 1983. Stevie claimed he wasn't willing to let the opportunity pass by.

Of course, the protests have led to many statements and social media posts from people around the world, but Stevie Wonder says it's now time to take action rather than move one's mouth. He added, "the future is in your hands."

According to Wonder, people have the right to vote, and they can make the change necessary to push forth necessary improvements to the fabric of American society.

Furthermore, Stevie Wonder called out Donald Trump for his famous comment in which he referred to an alleged white supremacist rally as consisting of "fine people on both sides." He also called attention to Trump's past comments in which he referred to many illegal immigrants as "rapists."

Stevie finished off his speech by claiming it was a "sad day" when a blind man had better vision than many other people out there in the world. He reemphasized the point that it was time to take action, rather than offer empty words and platitudes.

As most know, Stevie Wonder's comments are in relation to the Black Lives Matter protests that kicked off earlier this year. Protests exploded after video footage showing the death of George Floyd made its way onto social media.

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