Stevie Nicks Says Catching COVID-19 Might Destroy Her Voice Permanently - Urges Fans To Take It Seriously

Stevie Nicks Says Catching COVID-19 Might Destroy Her Voice Permanently - Urges Fans To Take It Seriously
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On Tuesday, Stevie Nicks took to her social media account to warn fans about the coronavirus pandemic, arguing that it was a "silent killer hiding in the shadows."

Page Six says the Fleetwood Mac singer put people on blast who are defying the quarantine orders, such as bar attendees, block partygoers, and people on the beach. She added, "we are heading for a crash," before going on to say that "people are dying" because others refuse to wear a mask.

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Posted by Stevie Nicks on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Stevie Nicks claims COVID-19 doesn't care who its victim is. She says the people who catch it will struggle with the after-effects. Thus far, there are 737,000 who have died, Page Six reported.

According to Stevie, the people who catch it will have residual symptoms for the remainder of their lives, including things like "micro-blood clots" and "neurological problems." Nicks argued that if she was to catch the coronavirus , it would probably end her career.

If put on a ventilator, Stevie argued, she would be hoarse for the rest of her life and wouldn't be able to sing in the same way again. Reportedly, there have been 5.1 million cases in the United States since the coronavirus began sweeping through the nation.

164,000 people have died in the US alone. Stevie Nicks isn't the only celebrity who has put ostensibly careless people on blast. Earlier this year, Tom Hanks - who was one of the first celebrities to say he caught it - urged for people to just wear masks and wash their hands.

Hanks claimed it wasn't hard to simply follow the rules, and so many lives could be saved if people just did what they were told. After Hanks revealed his diagnosis, other stars came out with their positive diagnosis as well, including Colton Underwood and Idris Elba.

Elba was one of the celebs who criticized the idea that he was among the "elite" who had been paid to tell people they contracted the virus. Idris said on his account that such an idea was ludicrous, and there is no reason for him to do such a thing.

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