Stevie Nicks Mistakes Harry Styles For An NSYNC Member - Gets Made Fun Of On Social Media!

Stevie Nicks Mistakes Harry Styles For An NSYNC Member - Gets Made Fun Of On Social Media!
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The two generations of teen heartthrobs may have been completely different but that didn’t stop Stevie Nicks from mistaking former One Direction member Harry Styles with an NSYNC one! Oh well, it was an honest mistake and no one was too angry about it!

During her second Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction yesterday, the 70-year-old legend was a bit confused as to what boy band Harry Styles has left and she somehow managed to be a decade off!

The singer was the one to deliver the tribute speech for the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman during the induction ceremony at NYC’s Barclays Center.

The former 1D member seemed to know everything about Nicks but that cannot be said about her.

As she started to tell the crowd about Harry that ‘we met not a long time ago. And what I loved about Harry is when he decided to make a solo record from NSYNC,’ the crowd there started to laugh.

‘Sorry, I’m never going to live that one down. I know,’ she quickly added, realizing her mistake.

She went on to assure everyone that she ‘liked One Direction too,’ and suggested her mistake was only a result of her excitement over Harry’s solo career.

Then, she praised him for taking such a risk by going for a rock ‘n’ roll record for his solo debut despite previously being in a pop band.

‘This beautiful child should have been born in 1948 too because he just fits in with all of us. He loves our music. He loves the whole 1970s, ’80s, ’90s music that we have been doing this whole time,’ Stevie stated.

Maybe that’s why she mistakenly associated him with a band from a past decade!

Either way, people on social media were quick to mock her mistake.

Here are a few of the reactions on Twitter: ‘#Stevienicks thinks Harry Styles was in NSYNC. Did she think she asked Lance Bass to induct her??’ / ‘if stevie nicks says harry styles is from nsync then he's from nsync. we are gonna adjust for her.’ / ‘She probably thinks Ariana was in destiny's child too.’


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