Stevie J's Son Dorian Henderson Arrested On Halloween Night In NYC

Stevie J's Son Dorian Henderson Arrested On Halloween Night In NYC
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According to a report from, Dorian Henderson, the 24-year-old son of the Love and Hip-Hop star, Stevie J, was taken into custody in Buffalo, New Jersey on the 31st of October and was slapped with weapons charges.

Up News Info was the first to declare that Henderson was detained by authorities on Halloween night and is now sitting in the Erie County Correctional Center. Unfortunately for Mr. Henderson, the city of New York has some of the most strict gun laws in the United States, so he's looking at up to 4 years in prison if guilty.

In the last several years, claims, Stevie J and Dorian had managed to improve their father-son-relationship. Dorian once even released a diss track regarding his dad, stating that he failed to play a part in his life when he was a kid.

They were reported to have made amends since then, but it's unclear how these new changes will affect their relationship. As it was mentioned in passing above, Stevie J is a reoccurring star on Love And Hip-Hop and was in a relationship with Joseline Hernandez.

Recently, Stevie and Joseline were in a bad court battle over their daughter named Bonnie Bella, however, it was reported by the outlet that they had learned to put things behind them and get back together - but as co-parents and not lovers.

BET claims their rekindled friendship came shortly after Stevie accused Hernandez of trying to thwart his attempts to see his daughter. Hernandez's opinion was that Stevie had been trying to obfuscate the legal dynamics, stating that she couldn't be there for the agreed visitation.

However, in new pictures, Steve and Joseline appear to be getting a lot better these days. Moreover, many of their fans appear to be unsure of what's going on between them. Fans of the couple, and of the reality television series, have voiced concern regarding the well-being of their daughter together.

One person on social media pointed out that it wouldn't be the first time a child's life was adversely affected by a tumultuous home-life, in addition, to continuously fighting parents.

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