Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Reveals Bonnie Bella's Godmother And He Is Not Going To Be Happy

Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Reveals Bonnie Bella's Godmother And He Is Not Going To Be Happy

Joseline Hernandez has posted a beautiful picture of Bonnie Bella and revealed who her godmother is, and no, it is not Mimi Faust.

Hernandez is still living very far away from Stevie J in Florida, and it appears that she is also taking huge decisions without him.

The mother of one and fitness expert took to Instagram where she shared several photos that were taken in a hotel lobby.

In most of the pictures, the reality star is gazing lovingly at her daughter.

However, in one of them, Bonnie and Hernandez are joined by her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star, Dawn - who is Stevie's nightmare.

The Puerto Rican Princess captioned the photo, "Bonnie Bella y Madrina," which is Spanish for "Bonnie Bella and godmother."

Many are surprised by the announcement, and others are not.

While Hernandez and Dawn had a lot of bitter arguments in the past -- because she found Stevie too controlling and he saw her as a snake -- the ladies did apologize to each other and made peace.

However, no one knows where Stevie and Dawn stand -- are these two people even talking to each other after their nasty fallout?

In a recent interview on Facebook Live with Complex , Hernandez explained why she quit the VH1 show and Bonnie had a lot to do with it.

She confessed: “I left to focus on what it is that I want to do for my life.That is doing my music, that is doing my acting, my producing, and raising my kid. I want to show my daughter she can do everything she wants, however, she wants to do it — and there is no stopping you. I needed to take myself out of certain situations and move and focus on her and me.”

The aspirant rapper also claimed to have apologized to her baby daddy.

She said: “Stevie and I have been through some things. I feel bad about that. I apologize to him for everything we have done to each other or said about each other. I am in a good place now. Whatever happens in the past, that is just where it is.”

In a matter of hours, expect Stevie J to react to the godmother news in a not very positive manner.

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  • Margo Mays
    Margo Mays Sep 16, 2017 5:11 PM PDT

    That's what he gets you cant stick it in everything you see and still have it yr way she got what she wanted she played him like a raw piece of meat ?

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