Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Has A Body To Rival Iggy Azalea And Bernice Burgos, Fans Say

Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Has A Body To Rival Iggy Azalea And Bernice Burgos, Fans Say
Credit: Instagram

Joseline Hernandez and her killer abs are making headlines -- and rightfully so.

Stevie J's baby mama has a lot of fans and a ton of foes, but there is a big possibility that most of them would agree that her body is insane.

A few hours ago, the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess took to Instagram where she shared two videos, and she is once more pushing her workout program/plan.

The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, who is currently in Miami, Florida, decided to show that she is unbothered and unfazed by the chaos left behind by Hurricane Irma.

The mother of one in a sports bra, booty shorts, and a pair of sneakers showed off her muscular legs, washboard abs, and Serena Williams-like arms.

Hernandez made some people drool and inspired others as she did a series squats, push-ups, and more.

She captioned the videos: "You wanna be the baddest!? Let's work ladies!!! #nogymneedit #resultsin28daychallenge do it from your own comfort!! Let me show you how!! Is easy .click the link and see how you can be the best."

Her millions of adoring fans did not hold back their emotions.

A few want to marry the reality star, and others are looking for a close-up of her fabulous curves.

One commenter said: "Damn ma OMG! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. That drives me crazy. You said it Mujer. You inspire me. I got fat as$, and big titties ass need to work on my waist girl. Stunting on yo ex hunh?"

Another claimed the singer and rapper needs a better bra while pointing to the fact that Miami looks great after Irma.

The supporter with great eyes wrote: "She makes this sh4t look easy it's hard tho gotta be fit.Looking great Miami not too much damage. Happy for the folks there. With all that movement you need a high support sports bra AND a medium support sports bra, wear both."

A person, who agreed with the previous statement, explained: "I saw that too lol, but that's what's cute and Endearing about @joseline she can say whateveaaaaa she beautiful!"

One remark that stood out and received a lot of responses claimed Hernandez was in better shape than Iggy Azalea, Tiny, and Bernice Burgos.

The individual stated: "Everything matches perfectly. The top matches the bottom. No bird legs and ant booty (Tiny). Waist ain't looking fake like an hour glass (Bernice or Iggy). She looks good."

What are your thoughts on Hernandez's figure? Do you think Stevie J misses it?

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  • Sparke Addams
    Sparke Addams Sep 15, 2017 8:34 PM PDT

    Shake the haters and trolls off! Do you make that money inspire others to get fit. Make changes for the better.

  • J bru
    J bru Sep 14, 2017 9:46 AM PDT

    Man she looks like a drag queen for Rupaul's Drag Race and her eyes are cockeyed one's looking all the way to the side the other one looking at the back she's not cute but money can buy you anything and obviously she bought a body meet cuz she need to spend that money on her face and fix her f*****-up eyes

  • Pat
    Pat Sep 12, 2017 5:45 PM PDT

    Poor Joseline. She has only one marketable skill: showing off her body. And, that skill is only temporarily marketable. Now that she's a mother, she needs to learn to do something more. After all, pretty girls with attractive bodies are a dime a dozen these days, e.g., Dime, Erica Dixon, Tammy, Estrelita, Jasmine, Rasheeda, and a whole lot of unknowns.

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