Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Finally Agrees For Him To See Bonnie Bella

Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Finally Agrees For Him To See Bonnie Bella

Stevie J and Bonnie Bella are back together again, and the proud papa was happy to share the latest update with the world.

According to the mega producer, it had been several months since he last saw his baby girl.

Fans of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta are aware that Joseline Hernandez and her baby daddy are at war with each other over many things -- including visitation rights involving Bonnie.

Since quitting the reality series, The Puerto Rican Princess and Stevie J have been engaged in a nasty war of words.

The singer and dancer decided to hurt Stevie J by fleeing to Florida with Bonnie.

The famed music producer often took to social media to blast his baby mama for refusing to let him see his daughter -- he even joined the silly free Bonnie Bella movement.

Last night, some kind of miracle took place because Stevie J posted a sweet photo where Bonnie is soundly sleeping on his chest.

He captioned the cute picture of the father-daughter moment: "Bonnie & Clyde."

Fans are thrilled to see that Hernandez had a change of heart and decided to let Stevie J's child spend time with her dad.

Meanwhile, Hernandez is still explaining why she left the show.

The aspirant rapper said: “She changed my life completely… I just think about the things that I do. And I think that everything that I do now is for her. And I just want to really show her that whatever she wants to do in life, whatever she dreams of, whatever she desires, she can accomplish it. And I want to show her that that can be done. I have been doing pretty good at it. I executive produced her delivery special for VH1.”

She added: “I feel like sometimes you gotta respect certain things, especially a person like me. I have been with the network for seven years and if you allow me to do something better, allow me to do that. Don’t turn around and try to show something I did four years ago. I feel like walking away; I feel like I needed to explain. I was like ‘Damn, I did that sh*t four years ago. It is just not fair.’”

At least, things seem to be calming down between Bonnie's parents.

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  • Dorothy williams
    Dorothy williams Sep 22, 2017 12:30 AM PDT

    I understand Joseline totally she came from a place where she was wilding out then put on a show where she constantly growing in a way different lifestyle than she was use to living Stevie j I give it to him he not much different then every other man but here's the thing Stevie brought her to the show and they hit gold together she and he made a difference in her life look she's rich and bi**hes is hating they just need to come talk to me my life is for the love of helping people just like them too I can help y'all understand some things you too aren't seeing everything will be fine just remember to do this. Always think of Bella do nothing you wouldn't want her to see. If you do that things will change hit me up I'll help you two see what you are missing guaranteed

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