Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Ditches Long Blond Braids For Bright Orange Hair

Stevie J's Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Ditches Long Blond Braids For Bright Orange Hair
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Orange is in, according to Joseline Hernandez, who debuted a new hairstyle.

Stevie J's baby mama, who is having the time of her life in Miami, Florida, has ditched her long blond braids and is now sporting bright orange hair.

The singer and dancer showed off her new hairdo in a brief clip as she was heading to catch a flight at an airport.

Rumors claimed Bonnie Bella's mother was on her way to do an interview with Latina Magazine .

In the video, the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is goofing around with her favorite app and looked stylish in a blue top and perfect makeup.

The mother of one just captioned the post: "Airport Flow."

Most of the fans of the Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood star finds she looks pretty with the new hairstyle.

One fan wrote: "Yessss, sis! I love this color on you!"

Another claimed: "So cute hi sunshine.Love the hair joseline."

However, a few are a bit upset that the so-called Puerto Rican Princess has not yet posted about the devastation that has hit Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The entire island is without power and a majority of Puerto Ricans lack drinking water.

President Donald Trump was criticized for not talking about the island, and Miss Hernandez is getting it also.

One person said: "Love the hair joseline. Joseline looks younger and more like a woman now.Not one post about Puerto Rico #puertoricanprincess."

Another shared: "Really ur upset cause she didn't post anything about her hometown, so ur said she didn't donate money how will ur know ur need to stop depending on celeb to donate money I wonder if the same ppl comments about her not post anything did ur donate a one or two dollars bill to help them."

The actress and reality television personality has yet to reply. However, she has been talking about her decision to leave the reality series.

She said: “I left to focus on what it is that I want to do for my life. That is doing my music, that is doing my acting, my producing, and raising my kid. I want to show my daughter she can do everything she wants, however, she wants to do it — and there is no stopping you. I needed to take myself out of certain situations and move and really focus on her and me.”

What are your thoughts on the orange hair?

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