Stevie J Reportedly Fuming After Ex Joseline Hernandez Claims He Hasn't Visited His Child In A Year!

Stevie J Reportedly Fuming After Ex Joseline Hernandez Claims He Hasn't Visited His Child In A Year!
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After Joseline Hernandez claimed online that her ex and baby daddy Stevie J has failed to see their two year old daughter in the last year, a new insider report claims the man is fuming. As for her accusations, Stevie apparently denies everything, claiming she is actually just lying because she is ‘jealous.’

After Joseline said Stevie has not seen daughter Bonnie Bella not even once in the past year, it is safe to say that the exes are at odds once again!

As you may know, Joseline also claimed the one who really pays the two year old’s child support is not her father but his wife, Faith Evans.

Stevie is yet to address the accusations publicly but one source tells HollywoodLife that he is furious she said such a thing.

As for why she did it, the man apparently believes Joseline is just really jealous of how happy he and his new wife are together.

‘Stevie is furious that Joseline is making these hurtful claims. In no way has he turned his back on his daughter, he loves his little girl. He is adamant that it hasn’t been a year since he’s seen Bonnie Bella and he says Joseline’s attacking him because she’s jealous he’s so happy with Faith. He knows it drives Joseline crazy that he’s happily married, and he’s moved on.’

'Stevie feels Joseline is jealous that she’s not the one he married, so she’s trying anyway she can to cause trouble in his marriage. Why else would she drag Faith into it? She’s just reaching because she’s unhappy.’

Joseline and Stevie J started dating back in 2011 and were on and off for years.

Things ended for good in July of 2017 and until April of 2018, they battled it out in court over the custody of their daughter.

Interestingly enough, April is also when Joseline claims Stevie last saw their child.

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