Stevie J And Joseline Hernandez Are Back On As She Flirts With Nikki Mudarris

Stevie J And Joseline Hernandez Are Back On As She Flirts With Nikki Mudarris
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Joseline Hernandez and her former fling, Nikki Mudarris, would love to hook up again, can someone ask Stevie J his opinion on this story?

Those, who follow "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," are aware that Hernandez and her baby daddy have a rather complicated romance.

One day, they are fighting and throwing hot mushrooms at each other and another they are getting ready for a wedding proposal.

This week, they seem to be on good terms, and Hernandez, who is openly bisexual and even had a one-night stand with Mimi Faust, would like to have some fun with another lady.

This past weekend, a picture surfaced online showing Mudarris having the time of life with Erica Mena and Lil Kim.

The ladies were seen whining and getting down dirty at a lavish party thrown by rapper and media mogul Diddy in Los Angeles, California.

Miss Hernandez, who is currently in Atlanta, spotted the photo of the sexy ladies in their body-hugging dresses and dropped an interesting comment.

The Puerto Rican Princess said to her former lover that the next time she is in California, they need to meet up.

The singer wrote: “You suck too much p***y. I be in LA this weekend. I need to holla at you. A few hoes can get it.”

Rumor has it that Hernandez is planning to move to Hollywood with Bonnie Bella to launch her career, so expect her to hook up with Muddaris.

In the past, Mudarris beamed over the flamboyant diva by saying when asked about their hookups: “Of course, I do not know how many times. I love her. She loves me too.”

As stated above, Hernandez and Stevie J have rekindled their romance, and she even proposed - yes, it was done weirdly, but she did put a ring on it.

A spy said: “They are back living together and things are good, at least for now. It is such a rollercoaster for these two; no one knows what could happen tomorrow. It is frustrating for their family and friends though because they have to hear it when things are bad and deal with the fallout. It is a toxic relationship, but they just can’t live without each other.”

However, Stevie's family is against the romance with the drama queen.

The insider went on to say: “Stevie J’s friends and family are just as shocked as everyone else that he is working things out with Joseline. They really believed that he was done with her this time. He told them all he was actually afraid for himself around her and now they are supposed to just accept her back like nothing happened. He is like the boy who cried wolf, and they are sick of being on this toxic rollercoaster with him.”

Do you think this couple will survive if Hernandez moves to California?


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  • Elizabeth S Reynolds
    Elizabeth S Reynolds Jun 29, 2017 5:05 AM PDT

    Joseline daughter gonna be disrespected to .. by someone Joseline karma coming soon and her daughter gonna pay for her actions. Ok b.. gonna feel how Stevie kids feel

  • Margo Mays
    Margo Mays Jun 23, 2017 11:57 PM PDT

    He's stupid as all out doors trying to make two hoes house wives Mimi and joseline go sit down Steve j

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