Stevie J And His Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Are Asked To Play Nice For Bonnie Bella

Stevie J And His Baby Mama Joseline Hernandez Are Asked To Play Nice For Bonnie Bella

Baby Bonnie Bella is causing a war between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez - which is why a judge has stepped in to make peace.

A judge in Atlanta, Georgia has taken matters into his own hands and has ordered the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars to play nice for the sake of their baby or else.

According to court documents, the former couple is no longer allowed to insult and degrade each other on social media or elsewhere.

The exes are not permitted to "do any act injuring, maltreating, vilifying, threatening, molesting, or harassing” each other.

The judge has also put his foot down and announced that Bonnie cannot leave Georgia for more than two weeks.

This could be a major problem for Henandez who recently relocated to Miami, Florida to pursue her music career.

Since leaving the reality series, Hernandez has been keeping Bonnie away from her father.

He often goes on social media to lament about the situation.

As for the singer and dancer, she claims that she is doing all that she can to raise her child in a safe environment.

She recently wrote: “I remember taking the test like it was yesterday!OMG, I TOOK 3. When I went to the doctor, he said ‘Honey you are three months pregnant!’ It was shocking, but you knew what you were doing hiding inside of me without my knowledge. You were gaining your strength so that you could transfer some to me! The strength I need it to make me a better Joseline, a better mother, a better provider. Bonnie Bella, you are a strong, fearless, happy, beautiful and kind and you may not know this, but you are teaching me to be those things. You are allowing me to love myself again."

She added: "You are teaching me to be kind. I was not always kind. Before you were here, I have made a lot of mistakes publicly, and I am sorry that you may one day be exposed to those mistakes. I apologize to everyone that I may have hurt during those dark moments in my life. I promise that I am growing into a better woman each day I have you in my life!”

Those two will have to get it together.

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