Steven Spielberg's Father Arnold Dies At Age 103

Steven Spielberg's Father Arnold Dies At Age 103
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Variety reported this week that Arnold Spielberg, Steven Spielberg's father, died at 103-years-of-age. According to multiple reports, Steven Spielberg was at his father's side when he had his last breath, telling him, "you are our hearth."

Spielberg explained how his father was part of a team who created things such as the PlayStation and cell phone, or even things as small as a calculator. Steven claims whenever he looks at his father, he considers him and his crew as the "team of geniuses" who kicked off some of the most important inventions.

Steven comes from a family of three sisters, including Sue, Nancy, and Anne, and in a joint statement, the family of siblings reflected on the important life lessons their father had taught them, including the need to "love" research.

Moreover, their statement claimed their father always taught them to keep themselves grounded in reality but to always strive for something more.

According to a report from the New York Post, Spielberg was born on the 6th of February in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the years, he developed a love and a passion for education and innovation.

When he was just 6-years-old, he began experimenting with his own lab and invited friends over to experience an electric shock created through the intermingling of battery wires. When he was just 12-years-old, Arnold started experimenting on radios.

According to the outlet, Arnold loved to tell stories, which is something he inevitably passed on to his children. As most know, Steven Spielberg is easily one of the most iconic and successful movie directors to ever do it, creating films like Ready, Player, One, and ET.

His daughter, Sue Spielberg, explained how her father had the uncanny ability to make friends with people anywhere he went, including regular people in the line at Starbucks.


Amid the Second World War, Arnold got a job in the Army as chief communication and radio operator. He worked alongside his crew in the 490th Bomb Squadron.


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