Steven Spielberg Says That His Latest Movie "Ready Player One" Is Diverse And Serves Women

Steven Spielberg Says That His Latest Movie "Ready Player One" Is Diverse And Serves Women

According to a report from, Steven Spielberg stated his latest film, Ready Player One, represents women well. As you may know, the issues of racial diversity and gender equality have become a pertinent topic in the Hollywood scene.

Following the cascade of allegations against men in the entertainment hub of America, executives, actresses, actors, and entertainers are speaking out against the lack of fairness.

However, some films are paving the way, or rather, are setting up a new way of creating movies that were previously thought impossible.

Films such as Black Panther showed that an all-black cast which defied traditional black stereotypes could be a successful movie. Typically, films with just black men would either be a historical-drama, a gangster movie, or about basketball.

Directors such as Spielberg, are looking to become a part of the growing movement. The ET creator said there are two superheroes in the movie, and both of them are women.

Tye Sheridan, the actor who plays Parzival in the movie, said his little sister approached him and thanked him for it. She told him it was the best one he had ever done on account of its relatability.

Olivia Cooke, one of the starring actresses, claimed it's of utmost importance to her to star in movies where she doesn't play the stereotypical woman. Her character is more well-rounded and sophisticated, rather than just a standard attractive girl on the screen.  She said, "I felt very empowered," filming this movie.

Other Hollywood stars said they would be adding contractual clauses which state that a certain percentage of the cast and crew must be of particular ethnic background or gender. The recent change is meant to create an equal playing ground for women, people of color, and other minorities.


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