Steven Spielberg Breaks Records As His Films Have Grossed Over $10 Billion

Steven Spielberg Breaks Records As His Films Have Grossed Over $10 Billion

Nearly a month after its release, three weeks to be precise, Steven Spielberg's latest film, Ready Player One, has grossed around $114.9 million domestically. And the film's total around the world? $475.1 million.

On top of the success of his latest movie, Spielberg is now a director who's repertoire of films collectively have generated over $10 billion worldwide.

Steven's 1993 blockbuster, Jurassic Park, grossed around $984 million nearly twenty years ago, and that sum hasn't been adjusted for inflation.

One of his other hugely successful movies was Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which made around $787 million, as well as the 1983 classic, ET, pulling in around $717 million.

Peter Jackson is the director with the closest total, making around $3 billion when counting all of his movies. And while some would think Steven is ready to pack it in, the director, in fact, is not.

According to multiple reports, the Minority Report creator, 71, is currently working on a remake of West Side Story and also has a fifth Indiana Jones movie in development.

In a documentary released on HBO, Spielberg dished on his filmographic legacy in Hollywood. "I just knew that it filled up the time and it gave me a tremendous amount of satisfaction," the iconic director remarked.

Spielberg explained that he felt really good whenever he completed a new movie. He said that during his off time, he would often feel a lack of focus and direction, as well as depression-like symptoms. The director joked that in between sets he would hear "scary whispers."


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