Steve Harvey Reveals The Status Of His "Friendship" With Donald Trump

Steve Harvey Reveals The Status Of His "Friendship" With Donald Trump

Earlier in the year, Steve Harvey was the victim of enormous backlash on social media for meeting with president Donald Trump. Not long after the president's inauguration, the comic defended his meeting with the contentious chief-of-command saying he was glad he met up with Donald.

He claimed he "walked away feeling" like something postive would be done in the area Steve finds himself most concerned with.

However, now, Steve isn't pleased with that meeting.

In discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Steve expressed definite regrets regarding his actions.

His wife told him to skip the meeting, and Harvey wishes he would've heeded his wife's advice.

The meeting caused an immense outcry from social media users.

He said it was "vicious," and they called him a "c*on," and a "sellout," for his meeting with the widely disparaged Trump.

According to Harvey, he only went as a favor to Barack Obama, whom with he's friends.

However, Steve hasn't talked to The Donald lately.

He has only spoken with Ben Carson, the man who leads the sector titled, Housing and Urban Development.

In his meeting with Trump, he said why not take the closing schools and put HUD (Housing And Urban Development) money in them so the kids can learn computer skills such as coding and other forms of computer programming.

And that isn't too bad of an idea, to be frank, as the market for computer programming jobs is growing steadily.

Nevertheless, the idea has brought its fair share of critics, claiming they should get proper funding and will continue to stay open as regular public schools. Perhaps, the issue isn't the need to just throw money at institutions, but rather to reform them to teach children marketable skills which make them useful in the workforce.

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