Steve Harvey Drops Offensive Joke About ‘The Cartel’ To Miss Colombia And Social Media Is Upset!

Steve Harvey Drops Offensive Joke About ‘The Cartel’ To Miss Colombia And Social Media Is Upset!
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Steve Harvey is once again under hot water for an offensive joke and it’s safe to say that people online were not amused. While at Miss Universe 2019, Steve joked about The Cartel with none other than Miss Colombia!

Miss Colombia, Gabriela Tafur, seemed to remind him of his Miss Universe 2015 mistake when he announced the wrong winner as being  Miss Colombia, Arianda Gutierrez, when in fact, the real winner was Pia Wurtzbach, from The Philippines.

That being said, he seemed to joke about being nervous when he named Gabriela Tafur as being part of the top 20 contestants this year.

He showed the card to the audience and said: ‘Nailed it’ making the moment pretty awkward.

Regardless, Miss Colombia tried her best to be funny in that situation: ‘Should I go back? Tell me what to do.’

This is when the whole thing took a turn for the worst, Steve joking that: ‘The cartel hasn’t forgiven me.’

People on social media were absolutely outraged!

Here are a few of the reactions online: ‘That was not only disrespectful but absolutely unacceptable and unnecessary.’ / ‘Maybe someone should tell #SteveHarvey that his jokes about Cartels in Colombia are rude and disrespectful, he encourages wrong stereotypes.’ / ‘Your comment about Colombia deserve another apology from you to all our country.’ / ‘What is wrong with you ? Colombia is waiting (for) your apology.’

And that was not all he said! The awkwardness on stage between Harvey and Miss Colombia continued after Gabriela gave her grandma a sweet shout out.

Trying to be funny once again, Steve followed her message with: ‘Caliente! Caliente! That’s all I know. Caliente yes!’ Yikes!

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