Stephen Colbert's Anxiety Baking Skit Goes Viral As President Donald Trump Makes America Bake Again

Stephen Colbert's Anxiety Baking Skit Goes Viral As President Donald Trump Makes America Bake Again
Credit: Source: CBS/The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert's "Anxiety Baking" skit is viral as more people say they use cooking to cope with President Donald Trump. The 2016 election may be the most contentious presidential race ever. Emotions were high and with a generation growing up under President Obama, many first-time voters experienced a culture shock when President Trump took office.

President Trump's inauguration was met with protests, riots, and public meltdowns of extreme proportion. People were literally sitting on sidewalks wailing and shouting in despair. Now, the American Psychiatric Association announced people are 36% more anxious in 2018, then they were in 2016.

Many of these people have stated that baking helps them deal with the anxiety they experience since President Donald Trump took office.

Should President Trump's slogan actually be "Make America Bake Again?"

You'll find anxiety baking attached to President Donald Trump on all forms of social media, in the news, and now on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Preceding the skit is Stephen Colbert's commentary that sets up the humorous baking show where a woman attempts to bake her stress away.

You can watch the viral video in the player below.

Some researchers believe there is a link between anxiety, control, and anorexia. The theory is that those suffering from anxiety use food as a method of control. Anorexics have deeper issues going on then simply wanting to go on a diet and be derailed.

It's a little ironic that there is a similar theme here.

Though baking and anorexia seem to be polar opposites, the need to control your life and using food to do so is one and the same.

Could it be that baking not only calms the mind but is an activity that lets someone who is suffering anxiety over President Donald Trump's administration, take back the reigns of control? At the same time, the person who is baking creates something beautiful?

Whatever the reason, anxiety baking is real, it's here, and it has proven helpful for those who feel their lives have been ripped apart under President Trump.

Have you experienced anxiety baking? Did President Trump's administration cause you to bake again?

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