Stephen Belafonte's Ex Nicole Contreras Slams Her Ex-Boyfriend

Stephen Belafonte's Ex Nicole Contreras Slams Her Ex-Boyfriend

Stephen Belafonte's ex Nicole Contreras has Mel B's back!

The former Spice Girl is currently locked in a vicious divorce battle with her former husband Stephen, and since announcing their breakup, he has found himself at the center of several allegations, including claims he has ties to the pornography industry as well as accusations that he abused Mel.

Apparently, Nicole is not surprised by the claims. She shares a daughter with Belafonte who is 12-years-old.

She said, "I have Mel's side, I believe in her."

When asked about her split from her former boyfriend she said, "I believe Mel has probably been through hell. It's sad."

Contreras admitted she has been following the dilemma ever since the news of their breakup hit the tabloids. She said she is concerned for their children.

In the court papers, Mel claimed she had been the victim of multiple physical beatings by Stephen. He also threatened to destroy her career by releasing "sex tapes" involving her and Stephen.

As Celebrity Insider readers now, Mel has been granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-beau and Stephen has been given limited access to their daughter.

Lawyers defending Stephen have said the allegations are both outrageous and unfounded and "nothing more than a smear campaign."

Nicole said suggestions of a smear campaign is an outright lie.

She explained, "I know him, and that's b---sh-t. I've had experience with him, I know who he is, and I know what he's about. Unfortunately, Mel has spent ten years of her life with him."

When asked if Stephen had tried to extort funds from his wife, she replied, "well considering I haven't got any child support, probably."

Nicole and Mel B aren't the only ones who have made allegations against him. Stephen's brother opened up a month ago about Belafonte's aggressive behavior towards animals.


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