Stephen Belafonte Wants Visitation Rights Of The Daughter Of Mel B And Eddie Murphy

Stephen Belafonte Wants Visitation Rights Of The Daughter Of Mel B And Eddie Murphy

And it never ends when it comes to Stephen Belafonte and Mel B! This time, Belafonte wants visitations of Eddie Murphy and Mel B's daughter, who is technically Stephen's former step-daughter.

According to a report from Los Angeles County Superior Court, Belafonte filed paperwork amid his divorce battle with his estranged wife.

Stephen claims he's technically the "dad" of the child considering he reared her development throughout the years.

The producer and estranged husband of the former Spice Girl's star made the formal request to the court on Friday.

In his statement to the court, Belafonte noted that he started dating Mel when the little girl was just a 1-year-old.

According to Belafonte - who has been accused of everything from domestic violence, drug abuse, and animal abuse - he has raised the child partly on his own, and because of this, he wants future visitation.

The statement read, "by all intents and purposes; I am Angel's father."

The affidavit went on to say that it is in Angel's best interest for Stephen to take care of her, as he is the only father figure in her life.

Belafonte presented proof of his testimony by showing text messages where Angel calls him "daddy," and tells him she loves him.

He claims there is no financial motivation and his only desire is to take care of his little girl.

With the announcement of this news, we can't help but ask: what does Eddy Murphy think of all this? Did he waive his right to raise the child a long time ago? It looks like it is a question that might never get answered, as Eddy has remained silent throughout the entire ordeal.


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