Stephen Bear Addresses The Rumors That He And Kylie Jenner Had A ‘Fling’

Stephen Bear Addresses The Rumors That He And Kylie Jenner Had A ‘Fling’
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The Challenge star is finally breaking the silence on those speculations that he had a fling with none other than Kylie Jenner! In fact, the rumor was started by Stephen Bear’s own brother so a lot of people just assumed it must be true!

Now, in a new interview, Stephen opened up about it and explained what exactly happened between them.

This whole mess began when Bear’s brother left a comment on IG about The Challenge: War of the Worlds star’s split from his girlfriend, Ellie O’Donnell.

Danny Bear wrote at the time: ‘I flew to LA after his fling with Kylie Jenner and told him while in his hotel room to just settle down. So please do not lecture me on this subject. Ellie is a nice girl and he realizes a loving, happy relationship can offer everything you can need from life. Some settle younger, some older, but ultimately, we were all young and foolish once, nobody is perfect.’

During an interview for The Sun, Stephen shared his side of the story, saying that it was not exactly a ‘fling’ that happened between him and the KUWK star.

In fact, not even close!

‘When I was in LA I did meet Kylie and we did party. Just party. She was at one of the parties that I went to. At parties I speak to every person in the room and when you are in LA you meet the most amazing people –actors, sports people, and when I was going to clubs out there I'd get tables and people look over and when you are sitting at a table, people invite you to cool places after.’

So there you have it, folks! Not even close to a fling!

It sounds like the two just had a group chat while at a party and that’s it!


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