Stephen Baldwin Says He Didn't Have An Affair With Ruth Perez Anselmi

Stephen Baldwin Says He Didn't Have An Affair With Ruth Perez Anselmi
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During an outing in Los Angeles on the 14th of November, Stephen Baldwin said the reports that he's having an affair with a masseuse named Ruth Perez Anselmi, were completely "insane."

When a reporter from DailyMailTV asked him the question on Wednesday, the 52-year-old told him he was "out of (his) mind," and went on to say "God bless you," but he and the rest of the team of journalists were insane.

As you may know, The Usual Suspects alum and his wife, Kennya Baldwin, have been together for approximately 28 years. Currently, they have two daughters, Alaia, as well as Hailey, who are 25 and 21 respectively.

Stephen is the brother to the other famous Baldwins, Alec, and William. When the reporter suggested he and Anselmi slept together,  The Bio-Dome alum warned him, adding that he was potentially breaking the law.

Stephen, who is very religious, then got on his green scooter and started to ride away, adding that he wants the best for them, but there's no reason for them to do the "sick things" they do.

In a video obtained by The Daily Mail recently, Stephen was pictured cuddling up to the masseuse, Anselmi, as they waited for an elevator at her home in Hollywood.

She also touched his arm, and the pair looked very intimate. Thus far, Kennya hasn't talked about the allegations publicly. Moreover, his daughter, Hailey Baldwin, who just got married to Justin Bieber, hasn't commented on it either.

It seems like the Baldwins have been in the news a lot lately. His brother, Alec, was arrested for supposedly getting into a fight in a New York City parking lot with an anonymous person.

Later on, the Saturday Night Live alum said that it had become a "sport" in recent years to publish defamatory allegations without any proof for the sake of ratings.

On the other hand, Hailey has been in the media for far more positive reasons. The young model recently tied the knot with singer/songwriter, Justin Bieber, not long after he cut ties with the "Wolves" singer, Selena Gomez.

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