Stephanie 'Sparkle' Edwards On R. Kelly Interview — 'Not His Best Acting'

Stephanie 'Sparkle' Edwards On R. Kelly Interview — 'Not His Best Acting'
Credit: Source: 'Surviving R. Kelly'/Lifetime

Stephanie "Sparkle" Edwards, who spoke out on R. Kelly in the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series is speaking out again following R. Kelly's explosive interview with Gayle King. Much has transpired in the months since Surviving R. Kelly first aired and sent shockwaves through the nation. He has been charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse and faces up to 70 years behind bars if convicted. He's the subject of multiple investigations, has been jailed twice, and in his interview with King, loudly declared he's fighting for his life.

Sparkle said that what the public saw demonstrated by Robert Sylvester Kelly was all an act. In fact, Sparkle said that everything R. Kelly does in some way, shape, or form is for show.

Sparkle has been one of R. Kelly's loudest critics as she says the young girl first seen in an underage sex video with Kelly, was her niece. She spoke through tears on Surviving R. Kelly expressing the guilt and pain she felt knowing she had been the one to introduce the young, hopeful rapper to R. Kelly.

You may see the interview where Sparkle responds to the R. Kelly, Gayle King interview in the video player below.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier, Sparkle explained how she felt after watching the interview.

" Sad, just sad to see a person that I once knew just lose it."

She then continued to describe R. Kelly's outbursts as bad acting.

"The acting...not a good acting part."

Kevin Frazier continued by asking her if she believed he was acting during the emotional portions of the interview.

Sparkle responded, "In part. Robert is always putting on a show."

Sparkle isn't the only one who questioned R. Kelly's sincerity throughout the interview. Not only did people accuse him of lying, but they questioned why he agreed to do the interview in the first place.

R. Kelly's publicist Darrell Johnson was on the scene throughout the interview and at one point could be seen walking past Gayle King and wrapping his arm around Kelly. Still, many feel that with the crimes R. Kelly is facing and that the comments made throughout the interview could possibly end up in court, the interview wasn't a wise move for someone "fighting for their life" and who may soon end up testifying in a court of law.

R. Kelly pled not guilty to all 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse.


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