Stephanie Ruhle Claps Back At People Criticizing New Moms For Going To Work - ‘It’s Sexist’

Stephanie Ruhle Claps Back At People Criticizing New Moms For Going To Work - ‘It’s Sexist’
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People on social media have been slamming new moms such as Amy Schumer for working instead of staying 24/7 with their babies and Stephanie Ruhle called them out, making it very clear that their way of thinking is ‘sexist’ and that they should just stop already! After all, the new daddies can totally go back to work immediately after the child is born and no one bats an eye!

Isn’t a newborn the responsibility of both parents?

Some people think the new mother should not be ‘selfish’ and work while having a baby since they need their mothers so much.

Stephanie Ruhle slammed that ancient way of thinking, reminding people that it’s pretty misogynistic!

She published an inspirational essay for NBC News not too long ago and it quickly became viral.

Stephanie used Amy Schumer as an example of this, pointing out that everything she does or says is always criticized online.

As a mom who is in the spotlight as well, Stephanie knows what she is going through.

During an interview for HollywoodLife, she addressed her essay and elaborated more on it.

Two weeks after welcoming son Gene, Amy posted a snap of her doing standup and the response was not too great.

‘Already???? That is insane!!! And inhumane. Contract or not you really need to be allowed at least six weeks for maternity,’ one user wrote.

Stephanie noted that it was ‘massively sexist.’

‘Comedy is how she supports her family. Comedy is how she makes money. When a husband leaves the next day to go to work, we view that as his form of caregiving, providing for his family. She’s going to work and provides for her family.'

‘For moms out there when we’re first on maternity leave, we’re totally scared that we’re going to lose our business, or we’re going to become irrelevant,’ she added, referring to the fact that there is a lot of pressure on women to be excellent mothers but just as good at work.

Stephanie made it clear that she could relate to the double standard and even argued that it does not matter how old the kids are, when people see a woman on a business trip, the first question is always: ‘Who’s taking care of the children?’


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