Stephanie Pratt Slams “Evil” Spencer Pratt And Insinuates Heidi Montag Started Infamous Lauren Conrad Rumor In New Instagram Rant

Stephanie Pratt Slams “Evil” Spencer Pratt And Insinuates Heidi Montag Started Infamous Lauren Conrad Rumor In New Instagram Rant
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Stephanie Pratt is slamming her brother Spencer Pratt as evil. She is also blaming sister-in-law Heidi Montag for starting the infamous Lauren Conrad sex tape rumor.

The Hills New Beginning star went on an Instagram rant, not only reigniting the Pratt family feud but also the LC and Jason Wahler drama. Stephanie shared with her followers that she was thrilled to be back home in London because no "evil" siblings live there.

After admitting that drama follows her and she is drained from the year, Stephanie threw shade at her only sibling .

"Spencer often screamed that everyone hates me, is fake nice to me and to go back to London because no one wants me here," she said.

The Pratt siblings have a hateful relationship with each other. Their family drama continued to unfold on the current MTV revival of the show that made both Stephanie and Spencer a household name.

It is not her anger or bashing of Spencer that has fans talking but rather what Stephanie says about Heidi. There is nothing but frustration, discontent, and hostility between those two women.

"Omg and Heidi, I have no words for how evil you truly are- you had no choice to admit all of the lies you've been spewing about me was for a magazine cover and for real WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DID 10 years ago. You awful human being and to your BEST FRIEND? You are truly a hideous person. No wonder you don't have 1 friend (your nanny doesn't count, you pay her)." Stephanie blasted.

Any true The Hills fans remembers the famous words LC said to Heidi at the beginning of the third season. The two former friends had it out at a club after a nasty rumor about Conrad and Wahler was leaked to the media. It was one of the most memorable moments of the entire original series.

As of now neither, Heidi, Spencer, Lauren or Jason have commented on Stephanie alluding to the fact Heid started the nasty sex tape rumor, not Spencer. Fans always believed it was a joint effort by Speidi.

Ironically Jason and Spencer both now appear on the MTV show. In last week's episode, the latter even revealed how happy he was the two were friends.

Stephanie Pratt is once again slamming her brother Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Those two aren't the only one who felt the wrath of Stephanie. Costar Audrina Partridge is also put on blast for talking about her amid all the Justin Bobby drama.

MTV picked up the show for a second season, but Stephanie will not be back. One fan asked her in the comments section if she was returning and she replied "no."


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