Stassi Schroeder Wants 'Ridiculous' Billie Lee To 'Just Leave' Vanderpump Rules - Billie Claps Back!

Stassi Schroeder Wants 'Ridiculous' Billie Lee To 'Just Leave' Vanderpump Rules - Billie Claps Back!
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While on ‘The Jenny McCarthy Show,’ Stassi Schroeder made it very clear that she doesn’t like the new people on Vanderpump Rules. It looks like someone, in particular, bothers her the most – Billie Lee!

Stassi shared during the interview that she thinks Billie is just ‘ridiculous’ and that she wishes she left the series.

The woman started by stressing that she is one of the OG cast-members since she’s been on the show since 2013 when it premiered.

Then she went on to make her feelings about the new additions to the cast very clear.

‘I don’t really feel like any of the original cast members have to prove themselves. We’re all such great friends and we have this history and we’re like family and we started this together and we’re so ride or die with being honest and making a great show. I do not actually feel that bad for new people cause like I wish they'd just leave,’ Stassi said.

And that was not all! She went on to say that as far as she’s concerned, Billie is the worst, especially because of all the things she does to try and become a star.

‘The things she tries to fight about, I’m like, it’s ridiculous. If she tried to fit she would, if she was actually nice and kind and friendly to us. But to just expect to be invited to every little thing we do when we don’t know you, and then pitch a fit, when you’re not acting like we’ve been friends for years…you just met us, so no, you’re not coming to my little, like, four girl wine night. You have to earn it.’

Just hours after the interview, Billie took to social media to react to Stassi’s comments, accusing her of ‘throwing newbies under the bus’ just so that she could make headlines and promote her ‘basic a** book.’ Yikes!


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