Stassi Schroeder Reacts To Kristen Doute Saying They Are Not Friends Because She's Single

Stassi Schroeder Reacts To Kristen Doute Saying They Are Not Friends Because She's Single
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The Witches of WEHO are not who they used to be. Viewers of Vanderpump Rules are about to witness the end of Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney's friendship with Kristen Doute.

During the last few episodes, Maloney and Schroeder have become exhausted from Doute lying about the status of her relationship with Brian Carter.

Kristen feels that her BFF's aren't there for her in the way that she needs them to be.

Since the summer of last year, it's been reported that the ladies are no longer friends and the James Mae founder told US Weekly that she thinks it's because she's single.

'My [point of view], and I hope that I’m wrong, but it kind of feels like as I’m watching these episodes, and it felt like over the summer, that Stassi was on this high horse of being in this now perfect relationship and now she’s getting married and everything’s great. I thought I could confide in my two best friends and have my girl venting sesh. All women do it, every single one of us, whether you’re married or just dating, you all complain about our dudes to each other, so I thought it would be a little more understanding about that and just let me learn these lessons on my own rather than telling me to kick rocks.'

Stassi caught wind of her comments and interviewed with the magazine while she was on a press run earlier this week. The reality star says that it couldn't be further than the truth.


'That is the sort of thing that pushes me even further away. Because if that were the case, the whole entire time when I was like, ‘Dude, you should totally break up with Carter,’ but then I was just going to dump her as a friend because she’s single?'

So far, viewers' opinions are split when it comes to who is right in this feud.

Some feel that they understand why Stassi and Katie are tired of hearing about Kristen's relationship woes while others feel that that's what friends are for.

Whose side are you on?


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