Stassi Schroeder From Vanderpump Rules Makes Controversial Comments Regarding The #MeToo Movement

Stassi Schroeder From Vanderpump Rules Makes Controversial Comments Regarding The #MeToo Movement
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Stassi Schroeder is in serious trouble after she made controversial comments on her podcast regarding the #MeToo campaign. The 29-year-old reality star discussed the sexual misconduct allegations on her podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, and many of her listeners were upset over her comments regarding a particular case.

The episode which garnered the social media outrage was titled, "Are we on a male witch hunt?" Many fans said her comments were "disgusting" and alleged that she didn't have sympathy for victims, while others pointed out the fact that many simply didn't hear the quotes within the context in which they were presented.

One person said, "I listened to this podcast, and that's not what she said," the individual added that the report is "paraphrasing a false sentiment" and the idea that people believe "one account" of what was said is "sad."

Schroeder tweeted at a later date that "about five people heard this podcast and everyone else read ONE quote without the backstory," which prompted the social media outcry.

Despite her intentions to clarify the comments, advertisers pulled their commercials from the podcast with companies like Rent The Runway stating they "stand with the #MeToo campaign."

The organization added they've "terminated our relationship with her podcast." Additionally, Simple Contacts said they "don't agree with or condone the opinions" of the reality star. Simple Contacts also pulled their marketing campaign from her content creations.

As you may already know, sexual misconduct is a trending topic in North American culture in recent months after the controversial producer, Harvey Weinstein, was accused by many women of rape, harassment, assault, and coercion.


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