Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Say 'I Do' In Secretive Wedding

Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Say 'I Do' In Secretive Wedding
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It's been a strange year for Stassi Schroeder , that much is for certain. Following her firing from Vanderpump Rules amid the beginning of the Black Lives Matter protests and coronavirus pandemic, the reality star announced that she and her fiancé of the time, Beau Clark , were expecting a child together.

Page Six reported today that the 32-year-old reality star got married to Beau Clark in a wedding ceremony in September, however, it was held in secret. The star said it would've been their wedding day, but they chose to do it anyway.

The entertainer claimed she and Beau Clark got married in September 2020, however, they intend on doing another ceremony in October 2021. Stassi says she is proud to be his wife. Thus far, it's not clear who went and what COVID-19 precautions were taken.

As it was just noted, Clark and Schroeder were supposed to have their ceremony in Italy this year, but they had to cancel their plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic . Of course, their situation was complicated by her firing from Vanderpump Rules as well.

Back in July 2019, Stassi and Beau Clark got engaged and they're now expecting their child, who is due in January of next year. Reportedly, their wedding as well as the birth of their child together will be captured by Bravo and shared for all their fans to see.

2020 has certainly been chaotic for Stassi. As for why she was fired, Kristen Doute and Stassi once called the police on Faith Stowers after they saw a report in which the suspect looked a lot like Faith, or at least so they believed.

Amid the Black Lives Matter protests, corporations and networks were on high alert for racism, and anyone who was accused of being racist was immediately axed. Stassi was just one of them.

During her recent chat with Tamron Hall, Stassi said her main goal was to be a "better person." She wants to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

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