Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Expecting Their Baby In January 2021

Stassi Schroeder And Beau Clark Expecting Their Baby In January 2021
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On Tuesday, Stassi Schroeder confirmed that she and her man, Beau Clark, are gearing up to have their first baby together following her firing from Vanderpump Rules for her and Kristin Doute's treatment of Faith Stowers.

Yahoo Celebrity reported on a comment from her representative in which they said that Stassi was ready for the next phase of her life after she was booted from the reality series. Furthermore, the representative said that she and Beau were going to have their baby in January of next year.

As it was noted above, Stassi was removed from Vanderpump Rules regarding her and Kristin Doute's Faith Stowers controversy. The pair of women called the police on Faith after a report regarding a woman accused of theft who apparently looked a lot like her.

After Faith complained about it for the second time, in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter protests, both Schroeder and Kristin were dropped from the series. Additionally, Stassi's podcast was reportedly removed from all the major platforms as well.

As it was previously reported, Stowers took to her IG Live to tell her story of the time Schroeder and Doute called the police on her two years ago in 2018. Around that time, The Daily Mail published an article about a black woman who was wanted for drugging and robbing people.

Doute and Schroeder thought Faith looked a lot like her, and they called the police. This past week, Stowers did an interview with Yahoo in which she said she was a victim of racial profiling." Stowers also said the event put her into a dark place in her career.

According to Stowers, when she got calls from casting directors later, they would ask her if she robbed and drugged people. She said it was a "really hard" time for her.

A source who spoke with E! News earlier this year described Stassi as being an "emotional wreck" right now. Additionally, insiders claimed the cast and crew members are all worried about the future of the series.

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