Starstruck Kandi Burruss Is Left Speechless By Barack Obama As Monica Brown Tries To Take Pictures

Starstruck Kandi Burruss Is Left Speechless By Barack Obama As Monica Brown Tries To Take Pictures

It is a well-known fact that Kandi Burruss is a VIP especially in ATL, but she was starstruck after meeting the one and only Barack Obama.

Moreover, Monica was present to capture the precious moment where Barack gave a big hug to Kandi.

The pair also spoke briefly probably about Stacey Abrams, the bright and fiery Democrat running in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election.

Like queen Oprah, Barack was in Georgia campaigning for Stacey.

The Xscape singer had this to say about the meeting: "My boy @isaachayes3 had my back & took my pic with @barackobama! Even though I was looking goofy in the pic because I wasn’t ready... But thanks Isaac you’re the real MVP! It was an honor to meet @barackobama & hear him speak. He was here in support of @staceyabrams & all the democratic nominees that are on the ballot for Georgia! Make sure to vote this Tuesday, November 6th if you haven’t already. #StaceyAbramsForGovernor"

Monica had nothing but praises for the former president who delivered an uplifting speech at the gathering.

The R&B star wrote: "What a riveting speech, given by the incomparable (Our Forever President ) President Obama.... @staceyabrams We all stand with & for you !!! Early Voting is now over! We MUST make November 6th count ... No matter the lines length or the obstacles that lie before you, VOTE."

The talented R&B singer had this to say about her exchange with the politician: "Each encounter with President Obama he has been gracious, compassionate & sincere !! ALL Things we now lack in office!! @staceyabrams is exactly what we need! By example, she leads & never back away from talking about the tough subjects !! We are for you !! VOTE NOVEMBER 6th... @kandi has been working hard along with many others ... we can do it. "

One fan told Kandi that she has no days off from winning and added: "You got OUR president and FUTURE governor in one lit lol. Did he recognize you? It was so nice to meet you @kandi you were so nice!!! ♥️♥️♥️ I was behind you and Monica lol."

Kandi is all about power moves.

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