Stan Lee Daughter Accuses Ex-Manager Of Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From Her Father

Stan Lee Daughter Accuses Ex-Manager Of Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From Her Father
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According to a report from PageSix, Stan Lee's daughter is looking to get justice for the actions of her late father's ex-business manager, Max Anderson, who allegedly swindled thousands of dollars from Mr. Lee. In Stan's final days, he was increasingly vulnerable, and allegedly, Anderson took advantage of the Marvel Comics artist.

Joan Lee accused Mr. Anderson of stealing money from Stan when he was in charge of his memorabilia bookings and autograph signings-sessions in which Stan would sign different kinds of merchandise.

Filed on Monday, Joan said Anderson and others he worked with "slowly took financial advantage of Lee in various commercial transactions," in many cases, out-right stealing from him. Joan accused him of engaging in a "sinister plot" that one would, coincidentally, see in comic books.

Anderson began working for the creator in 2006, around that time, his eye-sight was slowly starting to decrease in strength, and he needed aid when it came to reading important papers. Joan said he became "completely dependent" on Anderson around 2010 when he was 88-years-old.

Joan says Anderson scammed her father out of an entire day's work at a 2017 New York Comic Con. On that day, Anderson is purported to have stolen $800,000 in revenue and kept approximately $700,000 of it, even though he was only allowed to keep around 10 to 25 percent.

She added that Anderson told her father that the book signing only made around $100,000 in revenue, and gave Stan just $50,000. Joan said her father was a good man, a "loving and trusting" person. Thus far, no publication has been able to contact a lawyer on Anderson's behalf.

Joan went on to speak to a much larger truth, as baby boomers are slowly getting older and they've accrued estates, including properties and other forms of revenue, the possibility of abuse is going to rise.

One of Stan's nurses is also being sued as is one of Stan's employees in the merchandising business. Stan died from heart failure when he was 95-years-old in 2018.

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