Stage Actor Brian Stokes Contracts Coronavirus - He's Doing Ok

Stage Actor Brian Stokes Contracts Coronavirus - He's Doing Ok
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It's been a tough past thirty days for the world, the United States included. Thus far countries all over the globe have been doing everything in their power to thwart the spread of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, including nationwide shut-downs and self-isolation measures.

Following the death of the Star Wars alum, Andrew Jack, from COVID-19, The Hollywood Reporter revealed yet another actor has been impacted by the highly contagious disease, Brian Stokes. Brian Stokes, the Broadway star, revealed on his Twitter account on Wednesday night that he contracted COVID-19.

In his social media upload, the 62-year-old reassured his fans and followers that even though he got COVID-19, he's already doing a lot better. Paraphrasing what the actor had to say, Brian has been "laying low" for the last few days and is already starting to feel a lot better.

The actor claims that he noticed his body was fighting something out of the ordinary, so he went to the doctor to get the test and it came back positive. Brian confirmed he had been staying in self-isolation since contracting COVID-19 and all is well.

Stokes went on to say he was grateful for his wife and son who are both symptom-free currently. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Stokes is famous for his work on Broadway, including performances such as Man of La Mancha, Kiss Me Kate, Ragtime, and King Hedley II.

He also found work as Scott Knowles in Mr. Robot , a sci-drama airing on USA Network. Many actors, entertainers, and celebrities have revealed coronavirus diagnoses, including Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Andy Cohen, Colton Underwood, Chris Cuomo, and Laura Bell Bundy.

It's clear the virus doesn't discriminate when choosing its host, a fact that some internet conspiracy theorists find hard to believe. In fact, many celebrities have addressed some of these theories directly, including the Geto Boys member, Scarface, who addressed the claim that black people couldn't get the virus.

Additionally, Idris Elba came out to refute the claim parroted by Cardi B, who purportedly hypothesized that celebrities were being paid to say they had coronavirus.

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