Staff Members Who Work On "The Wendy Williams Show" Want Nick Cannon To Replace Wendy Permanently

Staff Members Who Work On "The Wendy Williams Show" Want Nick Cannon To Replace Wendy Permanently
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According to a report from, the crew who work with Wendy Williams on her show expressed their outrage with the executives when they came to know what was expected of them following Williams' absence from her regular hosting duties.

Reportedly, the staff members right now are all clamoring for Wendy Williams to be replaced by the current host, Nick Cannon. Employees of the company apparently have rallied together and have begun petitioning to have Nick permanently in Wendy's position.

Earlier this week, rumors started that Wendy was concerned her role on the show was actually in question. In the past, she thought of herself as being completely irreplaceable, but that's no longer the case. Wendy is reportedly concerned that she'll get fired from her own show.

A report from claims staffers have accused Wendy of being "fake," and want Nick in her place. Interestingly, however, some individuals on social media have pointed out that it seems like a strange reason to have someone removed from their own eponymous television show.

The Daily Mail is the first organization to publish the rumors, and they stated that Williams hasn't been real with her employees at all. She hasn't been "authentic," the outlet reported. Additionally, Cannon has supposedly been an absolute dream to work with.

An insider who spoke with the outlet dished on Wendy's personal life as well, stating their thoughts on her husband's supposed infidelities as well as her careless disposition towards her staff.

The source who spoke with the outlet accused Wendy of only portraying herself as a boss as well as a leader on the show, when in truth, she's not that person in real life, especially behind the scenes. "This about it - Oprah or Ellen never treated their audience and staff like this on their shows," the insider remarked.

This comes after Wendy went on an indefinite hiatus and was subsequently replaced by Nick Cannon. Thus far, Nick has actually managed to get himself into the media headlines a couple of times, including for his facetious suggestion to box 66-year-old Liam Neeson in a celebrity boxing match.

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