Stacy Francis Slams Katie Price For Using The N-Word On TV!

Stacy Francis Slams Katie Price For Using The N-Word On TV!

Stacy Francis has recently slammed Katie Price for using the n-word on The Morning.

Earlier this week, Katie uttered the word on TV twice, and now, the former Celebrity Big Brother star decided to share her opinion on it.

What made her even angrier about the whole thing is when a follower suggested she intentionally used it to spark a controversy.

"If this is true... then it makes her actions disgusting,” Francis commented.

"@MissKatiePrice you should use your platform to discuss the derivation of the word and how much pain it has caused a race of people. And urge people not to use it!!!"

Phillip Schofield also slammed her when she used the word on air and Katie defended herself by posting a video on social media.

In the clip, she explained that she only used the word to let the audience know what people call her bullied son.

The star went on claiming that because she is in the public eye, she feels the responsibility to educate people and take a stance against bullying.

Finally, she asked her audience to sign an online petition to stop cyber bullying.

Katie revealed that her son had been made fun of for years because of the color of his skin, illness, and even size.

Even though many were against her way of bringing attention to the cause and slammed her on social media, her followers rushed to support the star nevertheless.

Katie is desperate to get the police more involved and wants better laws that protect victims of online trolling.

As of now, she has over 10,000 signatures.

Do you think Katie Price bringing awareness to her cause by using the n-word was the right thing to do?

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