Spreading Hope! Kristen Bell Performs 'Frozen' Songs At Hurricane Irma Shelter While Stuck In Orlando

Spreading Hope! Kristen Bell Performs 'Frozen' Songs At Hurricane Irma Shelter While Stuck In Orlando
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Even when times get tough, people know how to bring hope right back, sometimes through the power of music. Actress Kristen Bell was unable to leave Florida before Hurricane Irma struck but that doesn’t mean she’ll just stay inside and worry only about her.

Bell did her best to lift people’s spirits in this dark time.

This morning, the celeb was in attendance at the Meadow Woods Middle School shelter in Orlando, where she had a short 20-minute performance of several Frozen songs for the 200 people seeking safety there.

Bert Rodriguez was the one who played the piano for her and also afterward opened up about how the little performance changed the mood.

He revealed that it was her who contacted the mayor to ask for permission and also hired him to play the instrument for her.

Rodriguez assured us that she did not act like a diva for a single moment – instead, she was funny and hardworking as they rehearsed the songs for the event.

The man revealed she sang For The First Time In Forever and even invited one of the people sheltered to come sing with her.

What was even more epic is that she made an Orlando deputy do an 'interpretive dance’ while she sang.

She also performed Do You Want To Build A Snowman and another song that ended up not being featured in the film titled More Than Just The Spare.

Afterwards, she just signed autographs and took pictures with the people for about half an hour.

Bell showed a lot of interest in their lives and made sure to ask if their homes were Okay as well as other similar questions.

Before the performance she insisted on seeing the school gym where the refugees were sleeping on the floor.

Although everyone was tired, saddened and scared, she invited them to the ad-hoc performance in the auditorium, and the mood quickly changed for the better.

‘I hope that helped.  I hope some of these songs are running through your head the rest of the day and take your mind off of it. That's why I wanted to come down here and sing. I may be stuck here in a hurricane, but I can still make a difference,' Kristen Bell told the crowd.

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