Spike Lee States That Bill Cosby 'Jacked' Idea For A Different World From His Film School Daze

Spike Lee States That Bill Cosby 'Jacked' Idea For A Different World From His Film School Daze
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According to Spike Lee, he had gripes with Bill Cosby's legacy in the 1980s. The iconic director used Twitter on the 3rd of April to insinuate that the formerly legendary comedian stole one of his ideas for a television series.

In a tweet captured by BET, Spike Lee accused Bill Cosby of taking the idea from School Daze for a television series called A Different World. Both scripts revolved around the HBCU experience, and Lee said on his account that School Daze was filmed before Different World.

You can check out his tweet below:

According to BET, A Different World was created by Bill Cosby and it was a spin-off of the successful TV series, The Cosby Show. It revolved around the lives of students at the HBCU Hillman College, and it first started airing in the late 1980s.

School Daze came out just five months after A Different World , however, Spike believes filming was finished before A Different World. As most know, Bill Cosby's legendary status has since been ruined by the cascade of sexual assault allegations against him that first started coming out in 2014.

After his conviction, Cosby was sent to prison, where he's currently doing time for his crimes. Suzy Kerr, on the 25th of March, however, reported that Bill has since been trying to get out of the big house due to the threat of the coronavirus.

Suzy claims that last month, Bill and his attornies filed a motion for the judge to let him out of the Pennsylvania prison in which he's serving his sentence due to a COVID-19 outbreak there. Reportedly, at least one guard working there contracted the virus.

As it was previously reported, Cosby is currently in the middle of a three-to-ten year sentence for sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Constand in the early 2000s.

Kerr reported that Cosby and his lawyers think it would be much safer for him to serve the remainder of his sentence at his home in Elkins Park, along with Camille, his wife, who has stuck by him through all of his controversies.

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