Spike Lee Speaks Out In Defence Of Woody Allen Amid His Sexual Abuse Controversy

Spike Lee Speaks Out In Defence Of Woody Allen Amid His Sexual Abuse Controversy
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Director and filmmaker, Spike Lee, says he doesn't approve of the "cancel culture" that has come in conjunction with the #MeToo movement. Page Six picked up on comments from the Da 5 Bloods director today in which he spoke on his relationship with the Rainy Day In New York director.

During his appearence on 710 WOR's In the Morning , with Michael Riedel and Len Berman, Spike Lee said that Woody was a great filmmaker and the cancel culture that has tried to eliminate his history as an artist was short-sighted and ill-conceived.

Spike Lee said that Woody was a "friend of his" and he's unjustly going through the cancel culture phenomenon right now. Regarding the Black Lives Matter protests that have kicked off around the world, Spike Lee claimed we are in a pivotal moment in the United States right now.

He said, "I think we are in a special moment in the USA," after noting the way in which people of all backgrounds and races are coming together in the fight for justice and to stop police brutality.

This isn't the first time Spike Lee made similar comments. Earlier this month, the director said that perhaps one of the most encouraging things he has seen thus far amid the Black Lives Matter protests was the presence of all his "white brothers and sisters" fighting for black people.

Spike Lee joins Snoop Dogg in this sentiment as well. During his appearence on Young Money Radio hosted by Lil' Wayne, Snoop Dogg said it was amazing that many people from all races were coming together to acknowledge and stop police brutality.

Furthermore, Snoop Dogg, the California rapper, stated that one of the greatest gifts the black community has ever received in the modern era is that of the video camera. The rapper says it doesn't lie in court, and it can't be paid off.

Snoop Dogg said that black people have known about their treatment at the hands of the police for years, but not everyone believed it. Those days are coming to an end.

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