Spencer Pratt Claims Kaitlynn Carter Had Something Going On With Miley Cyrus Before Brody Jenner Split

Spencer Pratt Claims Kaitlynn Carter Had Something Going On With Miley Cyrus Before Brody Jenner Split
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Spencer Pratt claims Kaitlynn Carter had something going on with Miley Cyrus before she split from Brody Jenner.

Carter and Cyrus were photographed in a heavy make-out session a couple of weeks after The Hiss New Beginnings couple split. It was also hours after news broke Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had separated.

Last week on the MTV show , fans saw Carter grow upset with the friend group talking about her and Jenner's relationship. The show was clearly filmed before the couple broke up.

There were allegations they had an open marriage on the show. Neither one denied it either. Carter merely was pissed the rest of the cast was talking behind her and Jenner's back.

"It's tough for me to listen to Kaitlynn complain about people talking about her allegedly open relationship with Brody when we know she had a thing going with Miley. She already had something going on with her when these scenes were filming maybe not physically, but definitely emotionally," Pratt shared with Cosmopolitan as part of his weekly recap of the reality TV show.

Heidi Montag's husband is not a fan of Carter's. He has long said that Jenner could not be himself while he was with her. Pratt's dislike of his pal's former lady love has never been hidden, especially when the cameras were rolling.

"No one's judging you for whatever it is you and Brody do when he's not sleeping in his car. We just don't want people to lie about their lives. Maybe you shouldn't have gone on television. It's called a reality show, hon. And the reality is that Brody's been talking about your sex life on his podcast for years," the 36-year-old further stated in his recap of the episode.

Reps for Carter and Cyrus have not responded to Pratt's accusations. The latter brutally denied she ever cheated on Hemsworth when they were together. Jenner has also kept quiet on his frenemy's remarks.

Spencer Pratt is claiming there was an emotional relationship between Kaitlynn Carter and Miley Cyrus before they each split from Jenner and Hemsworth. The two are now reportedly living together and have not been shy about packing on the PDA in public.

It has previously been reported that Jenner and Carter became friends with Cyrus and Hemsworth following the devastating Woolsey Fires.


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