Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Suggests Movie Will Continue As Planned

Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Suggests Movie Will Continue As Planned
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Spawn 's reboot has been in the works for years but unfortunate rumors have plagued its production, including the idea that the Academy Award winner, Jamie Foxx, was backing away from the project. Movie Web has reported, however, that Jamie hasn't actually stepped down from the movie.

Rumors first started after an interview where the creator of the popular comic book, Todd McFarlane, revealed that the reboot had lost an Oscar winner as their front-line employee. Fans online were concerned it was Jamie Foxx.

However, it's been revealed that the Academy Award-winning person was actually a writer, so instead, they've chosen to work with another hailed writer. Even though it's not clear who these people are, fans are elated to hear that McFarlane is trying to work with only the best writers.

Ever since Spawn was first announced, Jamie Foxx's involvement in the project has been one of its crucial selling points, with even studios saying they would back the project as long as Mr. Foxx was behind the film. The rumor first started when McFarlane revealed how close the movie was to receiving the green light.

Even though the news of the loss of an Academy Award-winning writer is unfortunate, McFarlane has since had more positive messages to share with fans, including last month, when the creator admitted that it was once challenging to find the funding for Spawn , however, that has changed.

While at the FAN EXPO in Vancouver, McFarlane explained that the success of dark comedies, like Deadpool, and dark comic book movies, such as Joker, has led studios to believe in Spawn . McFarlane was confident the movie would start later in 2020.

Reportedly, Spawn has been in the development stages for years, with Jamie first indicating interest in the project back in 2013. Comic Book's website was the first to report on the news of the upcoming Spawn film and the additional information.

The original Spawn , starring Michael Jai White, came out in 1997 and was a milestone in the genre for first casting an African-American man in a comic book movie. The movie has since become a cult classic, despite receiving negative reviews at the time.

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