'Southern Charm's' Patricia Altschul At War With Thomas Ravenel And His Reported Escort Ashley Jacobs

'Southern Charm's' Patricia Altschul At War With Thomas Ravenel And His Reported Escort Ashley Jacobs
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Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul has removed Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs from her life since the season five finale, and it is all because of her disapproval of what they did to “somebody” in her life that she believes is inexcusable. Altschul says that she should have never given Ravenel the benefit of the doubt as long as she did.

“I have not spoken to him since the finale. I’ve had no communication. I blocked him and Ashley,” Altschul said. “It was something that he and Ashley did to somebody else that I disapproved of that was uncalled for, unfair and being litigated right now, which I can’t even talk about it.”

She didn’t get into any specifics about the person she was referring to. But the rumor is that Altschul was referencing Luzanne Otte, a friend of hers who supposedly dated Ravenel for a short time last year. Otte has claimed that Ravenel and Jacobs have harassed her online, and she is building a legal case against them.

During her appearance on last week’s episode of SiriusXM’s Reality Checked with host Amy Phillips, Altschul also said that she was pretty much Ravenel’s only ally for years. And now that she looks back on it, she realizes she gave him too much leeway, and she shouldn’t have done that.

According to Reality Blurb , she also admitted that the incident with “someone” that had nothing to do with Southern Charm has made her rethink her relationship with Kathryn Dennis. Because of Ravenel’s behavior with her friend – the character assassination and the lying – Altschul says that now she thinks he may have been lying to her about Dennis.

Ravenel told Altschul back in 2016 that Dennis used drugs after she got out of rehab, and that is why she didn’t want to have a relationship with her – and this included leaving her out of Cameran Eubanks’ baby shower. But, Dennis was passing all of her drug tests.

Altschul also revealed that Jacobs caused Dennis to have track marks on her arm after insisting that she takes multiple drug tests each week during her and Ravenel’s custody battle. Dennis went from a test once every three weeks to three times a week when Jacobs arrived. Altschul called that “sadistic.”

Ever since Jacobs – a hospice nurse from Santa Barbara, California – showed up on the scene last year as Ravenel’s girlfriend she has caused serious problems for the Southern Charm cast. Originally, she came across as a sweet person, but as time passed, her fights with Dennis –and the fact that she hasn’t been working but just living off of Ravenel – have caused accusations of her being a gold digger and an escort.

Southern Charm wrapped up the Season 5 reunion on Thursday, but we can only assume the drama involving Patricia Altschul, Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs is far from over.


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