Southern Charm's Ashley Jacobs Sounds Off On Her Regrets, Situational Depression, And Infamous Return

Southern Charm's Ashley Jacobs Sounds Off On Her Regrets, Situational Depression, And Infamous Return
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Ashley Jacobs' return to Southern Charm left the entire cast feeling uneasy. The ex-girlfriend of Thomas Ravenel didn't want it to go the way that it did.

Ashley wanted to come back to the show to apologize personally to Kathyrn Dennis who happened to not be present. Full of regret, situational depression, and a cold welcome -- the nurse spoke to Entertainment tonight about hindsight.

'I did say some hurtful things. My No. 1 regret is saying those things to Kathryn. My regret is not keeping my mouth shut. My regret is letting my feelings get the best of me, and reacting without thinking. Sitting on those feelings. My regret is saying those things in front of a large group, not pulling her aside and talking to her, and explaining my feelings. I might have felt that way, but that wasn't -- that wasn't the time or place. That wasn't the way to do it.'

She explained that being with Thomas and in Charleston was the worst year of her life which affected her both mentally and physically.

'It was dark, and it was really lonely. I lost a lot of weight. I wasn't taking care of myself mentally, and I felt that I had so much more that I wanted to say and to do. The more I tried to control that, or wish things were different, the worst -- the more of a toll it took on me. I suffered from depression, situational depression.'

As far as her pop up at Eliza Limehouse's dinner, she would've liked for her ex co-star's to hear her out after they brought up her mean tweets from just a few weeks before.

'I wish one of them had said, what led you to feel that way? You know, why did you feel that way? So they could better understand. I'm not saying that I'm right, I'm just saying that I have feelings, too, and I reacted!'

In the previews, Jacobs will get to speak with Patricia Altschul and Kathyrn Dennis. How do you think it will play out?

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