'Southern Charm's' Ashley Jacobs' Mother Even Thinks She Is A Manipulative Liar

'Southern Charm's' Ashley Jacobs' Mother Even Thinks She Is A Manipulative Liar
Credit: Source: Bravo

Ever since Ashley Jacobs moved from California to South Carolina last year to be with her boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel, she has caused some serious drama on Southern Charm . The fifth season of the popular Bravo reality show just ended – and the first part of the reunion is set to air this week – but if fans are hoping Jacobs will go home, they will be disappointed.

All About The Tea is reporting that when Jacobs lived in Santa Barbara, her mother kicked her out of the house. An insider says that Jacobs’ mom and sister think she is a “lying, manipulative b***h,” and they “want nothing to do with her.”

So, when Ravenel came along, the source says that Jacobs conned him into paying for her move to Charleston, and when she showed up with everything she owned he was shocked.

“Thomas did not expect Ashley to mooch off him for months and months — refusing to get a job,” says the insider. “He now realizes that she lied about a supposed job opportunity in Las Vegas, an offer she allegedly shot down, to move to Charleston with Thomas.”

When she tells her story to fans, Jacobs does reference a vague employment possibility in Vegas, but she apparently passed on it to be with Ravenel in Charleston. She has recently gone back to work as a nurse, but the source says that Jacobs hates her job and constantly complains about it.

The insider also says that Jacobs’ goal was to have a wealthy man pay for her to live a life of leisure.

Since Ravenel opted not to go to New York to film the show’s reunion, we won’t get a true inside look at what is going on in his relationship with Jacobs. She did make an appearance at the reunion, but since it is so difficult to believe anything she says, we probably won’t find out the truth about their messy romance.

Southern Charm fans on social media are ready for Jacobs to move back West, but it looks like she is determined to stay in South Carolina even though her future with Ravenel remains up in the air. Breakup rumors are swirling, and an insider says that he wants out of the relationship.

Jacobs reportedly refuses to leave even though Ravenel wants her gone. But, she manipulates him with emotional breakdowns and her unhealthy weight loss to keep him on edge. Because her unhinged outbursts are alarming, he is scared of how she would react to a breakup.

The source adds that Ravenel has caught Jacobs in numerous lies, and if he puts his foot down he is scared that she will spread lies about him.

Part one of the Season 5 reunion of Southern Charm airs Thursday night on Bravo. Ashley Jacobs joins the cast for the second part of the reunion on July 26.


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  • Cakewalk
    Cakewalk Jul 27, 2018 10:54 PM PDT

    Ashley is crazy comin ‘ down the street,. And you know what that means. You cross to the other side. There is something wrong with this woman. She has a look in her eye that is frightening. I believe she may be taking amphetamines. She’s lost all kinds of weight,she cannot STOP TALKING! She talks over everyone and an abnormal pace. It’s hard to even watch her talk. And all the throwing her hair back. She shows signs of being utterly delusional. I mean she’s showing every sign of a speed freak. Some aderall perhaps. I am actually surprised that no one has mention this,it’s so obvious . Thomas lost every good thought I had of him when he didn’t shut her mouth in the after the ball brawl. He kept his arm around Ashley while she spoke so nastily to Katherine. He deserves her.

  • BriannaM
    BriannaM Jul 21, 2018 4:10 PM PDT

    Two things. 1-We don’t need an insider to tell us he wants out, he has talked openly about it with his friends during filming. 2-He’s not afraid she’ll spread lies, no grownup is going to stay in a relationship for that. He’s afraid she will spread the truth. Duh.

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