Southern Charm Villain Ashley Jacobs Recently Gave Fans A Look Into Her Life As A California Nurse

Southern Charm Villain Ashley Jacobs Recently Gave Fans A Look Into Her Life As A California Nurse
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Ashley Jacobs was unlikable as can be for some viewers on Southern Charm, but in real life, she is a superhero. The reality star gave fans a look into her life as a California nurse.

After her multi-year tryst with Thomas Ravenel who she met in California and moved to South Carolina with, Ashley returned to the state that she is allowed to practice medicine in.

Jacobs was a nurse before she met Thomas and went back to her career of saving lives earlier this year.

The Southern Charm bad girl shared a photo of herself in scrubs showing that she was working on Thanksgiving while others were enjoying their family and food,

She captioned the image with: 'Thankful I got to spend the day making people smile (and laugh at me!)🍗😁🍗 Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!'

She was praised by followers in her comment section. Many have joked on and off the show about Ashley's job as a nurse considering that she was seen as 'evil' on the show.

Nearly a year ago, she posted another photo acknowledging anyone who works in the medical field.

'No matter what you do in healthcare, whether you’re a RN, CNA, LPN, NP, PA, CRNA, surgeon, physician, veterinarian, dentist, chiropractor, pharmacist, pharm tech, lab tech, hemodialysis tech, MA, therapist (RT, PT, OT, SLP, PTA) sports medicine, dental hygienist, EMT, paramedic, radiographer, medical social worker, case manager, medical staff worker, licensed professional counselor, caregiver, med HR or any other job in medical healthcare field, please know that what you do is important. Never forget your value nor let anyone else make you feel small for what you do. You’re in the best profession in the world (I’m obviously biased!)- You’re in the profession of caring for people. You’re doing the work that many people can’t do, don’t have the discipline or will to do, or don’t have the heart to do. And so I applaud you, each and every one of you👏🏼Never forget your value. “You matter, you’re important, you’re loved.”'

It's great to see that someone who is portrayed as the bad guy on a show is a selfless person in real life.

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